What exactly is a Pish Pad?


What to Expect



Pish Pad is being used in homes, boarding and hobby kennels, Vet Offices and  Grooming Shops Nationwide!



Pish Pad is a high quality product made right here in the USA!  



Pish Pad is eco-friendly compared to throw away pads! It can be washed and used over and over! 


 I have used Pish Pad for eight years for Sweetie a Chrisman Maltese and have recommended them to so many people, they are great last a long time and house breaking to a litter box with these in it was so easy! She never misses!
​- Diane Caulfield

I was surprised at how long the Pish Pad has lasted. My Chloe has been using these since she was a puppy. Shes 4 now. I never have to clean up ripped wee wee pads. Thanks for making such a great product!         - Joanna Martin  

Pish Pad is a combination of 3 materials bonded together to make your life, and the life of your beloved pet, easier. It is unique and unlike any other product! 

* The top layer is a quick absorbing, non staining material that provides a non-slip surface for your pet to exercise on. Once the surface is made wet, the liquid stays contained in one area and quickly disappears as it gets pulled down into the second layer. There is no puddling like other product so your pet stays dry. This feature is essential for long coated pets as it will not grab and damage the ends of the hair. Your pet will be able to relieve itself without getting wet or stained. Your pet will be able to move freely without slipping and sliding as it would on other products that bunch up or others that are made of paper that cab be easily picked up and shredded.
* The middle layer is called the ‘soaker’. This layer collects the liquid and holds it in and away from your dog.
* The bottom layer is a plastic urethane barrier that protects the surface underneath the pad from getting wet or stained. It securely adheres to almost any flat surface yet, is fully removable for your temporary needs, leaving no residue.

​Some of the qualities of Pish Pad are: 
It securely adheres to almost any flat surface 
They are economical and more eco-friendly than throw-away products 
They are completely machine washable and dryer safe 
They will not shrink 
They will not retain any odor 
They will not stain 
They can be cut to any size (without fraying) with a regular scissor